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   The Mystery Shopper and Personal Shopper job positions are currently unavailable, besides, it's a highly accountable positions and require some experience in this business, so we will never offer it to a new worker, even with a perfect resume. Instead, we offer you to start with much easier yet profitable part-time position of MAIL MANAGER, which will help you to gain some experience, and let you pursue the Mystery Shopper or Personal Shopper job positions in future.
   MAIL MANAGERS provide service to those Personal Shoppers, who don't have storage facilities or just don't want to bother themselves reshipping the orders. So they process orders for us, and get them shipped to MAIL MANAGER (to YOU), who inspect packages and ship them out to customers or to our warehouse using prepaid postage labels we provide.

How Does this Work?


You will be receiving deliveries from various online stores. Items will be purchased by our Personal Shoppers and shipped to your location. Your key tasks will include:

  • Receive and sort all incoming UPS, Federal Express,USPS,DHL packages.

  • Ensure quality of shipments.

  • Download and print shipment labels.

  • Manage,consolidate,forward packages.

  • Maintain awareness of received,sent deliveries and tasks assigned (if such exist), and effectively communicate the status of such tasks to the manager, as appropriate.

  You will be provided with PREPAID postage labels for an outgoing packages to ship using your nearest USPS/UPS/FedEx/DHL location. All shipping labels/invoices you will receive are completely filled and are PREPAID
   Salary is paid on a monthly basis through PayPal. We pay $25.00 for each outgoing package. At your request, first payment can be sent to you after first 3-4 shipped out packages that are trackable.

What do You need to get started?

First, let's make sure you meet the requirements:

  • A computer with a stable internet connection.

  • An email box which you can monitor throughout the day.

  • A printer to print postage labels/invoices.

  • A postman usually has no problem finding your address.

  • An hour or two a day of your time for this job.

If your answer is "yes" to all of the questions above, feel free to complete our application form.


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