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   Our impartial Personal Shopper researchers will help you find anything online at the best possible price. Save time and money today! Just ask a FREE Question and get an answer via email! A Personal Shopper will research your question and locate the items you require. Once found, you will be notified privately via email and will be able to purchase your items using the information provided. Give it a try today and get a response within 24 hours.

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   If you live outside of USA and having problems purchasing goods from US retailers, we are here to help! Our Personal Shopper service is designed to overcome several common obstacles encountered when shopping online in the US, and to provide our members with the convenience of a concierge-style shopping experience. You can use our Personal Shopper service whenever you encounter one of these challenges: US Retailer who accepts only US credit cards, US Retailer who will not accept direct payment by check or wire transfer or US Retailer who will not ship internationally. After you submit your request, one of our Personal Shopper experts completes the purchase. You will be billed for the actual cost of the purchase plus a small service fee of 15%.

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